About Mailboxes

Westminster Glen is fortunate to have curbside mail delivery. Each homeowner has their own mailbox, either in a single pilaster or shared with their neighbor. These pilasters are located next to the street in the county right-of-way.

The pilasters are constructed on a concrete foundation, and are made of white limestone blocks with a cast concrete top. All are the same size, 2 ft x 2 ft x 5 ft high, plus the concrete cap. The cast top and house number blocks are available from: 

Cast Limestone Products of Texas
105 Green Pasture Drive
Hutto, TX 78634



Mailbox 02041

Locking mailboxes may be installed to replace the standard metal boxes. The downside of a locking mailbox is that you lose the capability for outgoing mail pick-up.

Here are the Architectural Control Committee guidelines:

1. Like any exterior modifications on your property, changing to a locking mailbox needs prior approval from the ACC. Submit the standard ACC Modification Request Form. There is no ACC fee.  

2. If the mailbox pilaster has two boxes like most, both neighbors should go together on the project. 

3. The mailbox pilaster must be reconstructed in the same spot, be the same size and look the same as before, including the address blocks.  

4. The Gorge model #0143 mailbox in white has been approved by the ACC. Two will fit in a pilaster, side-by-side. They are available here.

If you need a contractor referral contact the ACC.

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