Glenlake Pump Station Project

Construction on the Glenlake Pump Station Bypass Improvements project is scheduled to begin the last week of May. Around mid-June, work is planned to begin at the intersection of Big View and Narrow Ridge and is planned to progress eastward on Narrow Ridge to the emergency access road and then south to Glenlake Drive. The emergency access road will remain open during construction. Demolition work at the pump station will also begin in June 2021.

Construction is expected to be completed by Summer 2022. Please note that dates and sequencing can change due to weather or other unforeseen events. We will provide regular updates throughout the project.

The project will install about 1,000 linear feet of new water line and will decommission and remove the existing pump station and water tanks located at 9809 Glenlake Drive, among other improvements. The project will improve reliability of water service in this area by creating “looping” in the water pipelines, eliminating the need for the pump station, and installing fire hydrants to enhance fire protection. The enclosed map shows the location of the project.

Please visit the project webpage at for additional information and to view a recording of the November 2020 public meeting.

Project Contacts:

Demira Wyatt
Project Manager
Public Works

Carlos Lopez
Project Inspector
Public Works

Emlea Chanslor
Community Outreach
Austin Water
512-972-0145 office


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