Right-of-Way Hazard

In the event of wildfire, our Right-of-Ways (ROW) are critical: they can contibute to the spread of fire and they might prevent safe evacuation from the area. 

Right-of-Way Maintenance

1. ROWs are owned by Travis County but their maintenance is the responsibility of the individual homeowners per Westminster Glen Estates CC&R § 4.03.

2. The right-of-way extends from the edge of the concrete to about 15 feet toward your property line. This distance varies some depending on the lot. 

3. In addition to the front ROW, if you are on a corner lot you have ROW on the side of your property, and if there is a street behind your property there is ROW in the rear.

4. Un-maintained ROWs must be cleared of wildfire fuel: grass, weeds, salt cedars, etc. Grass and weeds can be mowed or “weed-whacked”; salt cedars, povertyweed and woody plants should be cut at the ground or pulled.

5. Trees, if any, can remain in the ROW but must be trimmed up to a height of at least 6 feet from the ground. 

6. ROWs must be kept mowed on a periodic basis to prevent re-growth of the fuel. 

7. ROWs that are landscaped, trimmed and irrigated are not included, but they must be maintained.

8. Clean up all other accumulated trash.


ROW in need of maintenance


Well-maintained ROW

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